"As a student of Meaghan's in aerial hoop for many years, she has coached, mentored and inspired me to pursue my dream of a career in circus. I have always appreciated Meaghan's incredible expertise and attention to detail in everything she does. Safety is always first, and with learning this from Meaghan, she has enabled me to grow technically and artistically as an aerial artist."

- Julia Stewart, ENC Graduate

"I have had the good fortune to work with Meaghan both professionally and as a student at one of her trainings.  Meaghan has a seemingly magical way of teaching.  She is able to distill the most pertinent of corrections to simple instructions which, in turn, give immediate results! Her method of delivery is with calm, clear instruction where one feels safe and believes they can accomplish great things - so they do! I highly recommend training with Meaghan.  It is quality time spent with a true master!"

- Mark Nash

US Division Manager, ACROBATIC ARTS

Meaghan has not only coached and trained me with helpful movements in physical conditioning, contortion and weggsphere,  but she made me believe that I can become the artist that I want to be and that dreams are all possible. She helped me develop my own style with the skills I have and that I can develop. She also has genuine humane values.

- Sarah Louis-Jean

International Boleadoras Performer/Dancer


Guinness World Records Holder

I have had the pleasure of working with Meaghan  Wegg as a performer, a coach, a choreographer and a director.   Meaghan is a multifaceted artist with tremendous knowledge and experience on all ends of the performance spectrum. We have a long history together and throughout the years I have had the pleasure of witnessing her commitment towards elevating the safety standards of the aerial arts industry. She is meticulous in her execution both as a coach and a performer. Here attention to detail has always been one of her strong suits and her passion for helping others is unmatched. For this reason I would highly recommend her aerial academy training to anyone looking for a system that works, is clearly outlined and that is safe. 

Elisa Kovacic- Director of A2D2 Inc. 

I have known and worked with Meaghan for 10 years. During my time with Cirque Du Soleil, Meaghan taught me and many other artists on tour, Aerial Hoop. Straight away, I felt at ease training in a new apparatus. Her syllabus is created with safe progression and the longevity of the artist career in mind. She is very dedicated in helping people and passionate about circus arts and coaching. Having Meaghan as a coach helped me learn new skills and opened my eyes to coaching. I would recommend Aerial Arts to anyone that loves teaching and wants to learn how to teach aerial circus skills using safe progressions and the best teaching technique to help your students training and goals. 

- Mireille Goyette

AA M2, Adjudicator, Polestar Pilates Matwork,  Rehab and studio instructor, circus teacher. 

Meaghan Wegg is a master of her art. Her technical expertise is matched by her creativity and her collaborative spirit. She is equally at home leading from the front or supporting another's vision and whatever role she is taking - trainer/teacher/choreographer or performer - she brings with her total commitment to it a joy that is as inspiring as it is infectious. She  is a true professional and a delight to work . Can't say it loud enough. 

- Gavin Marshall