Frequently asked questions

Do I need a equipment (eg. Hoop, Silk, Hammock) to participate in the online certification?

No, you are not required to have equipment to certify, the only equipment required is a small piece of rope to learn basic knots. You will learn by watching Meaghan spot and demonstrate.

Do I require previous experience to take this course?

Yes, I recommend that you have a teaching qualification and/or professional experience in dance, acrobatics or circus

Is there a minimum age to undertake the certification course?

Teachers must be 15 years of age to attend and participate in the course. However full certification will not be granted until the teacher turns 18. Assuming successful completion of the written and practical exam, the teacher will be granted ‘Assistant Teacher Certification’ during the waiting time, and be certified to teach classes with a certified teacher in the same room. Upon turning 18, full certification will automatically be granted.

What makes Aerial Arts stand out from it's competitors?

1. Aerial Arts was designed by a Cirque Du Soleil Aerialist, studio owner and Acrobatic Arts Division Manager with decades of experience in acrobatics, dance and aerial. 2. The Aerial Arts Syllabus is endorsed by physiotherapists, professional dancers and professional acrobats including Cirque Du Soleil Acrobats 3. We only accept 20 teachers in our online certification courses, ensuring each individual recieves one-on-one time. 4. The cost of the online course is only US$210.00/CAN$285.00/AU$300/UK£166.00/EU€185.00 and includes the written manual