about aerial arts


Aerial Arts by Meaghan Wegg was developed in 2006.  Her goal is to create awareness in safety, spacial orientation, strength, flexibility and ability.  Training these elements together within a progressive syllabus will create a well rounded aerialist.  It is highly recommended that this syllabus is followed strictly with the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and ballet dance training.  Progressing through each level will develop and transition the students safely to the next levels. The Module One syllabus starts in primary level and continues through to level 6, covering the aerial hoop apparatus.  Our Aerial Arts APP will premiere this year.  We have set up an easy to use APP filled with videos showing each skill in every level to be able to provide you with tips and progressions for the next level.

Our Mission

To set the standard of excellence in education amongst instructors in order to promote technique, safety and progression in Aerial Arts

Our Premise

We believe that proficient dance and acrobatic educators can be taught to teach Aerial Arts.  Great educators already understand the artistic requirements and extension that dance and acrobatics demands, and can learn the progressions necessary to teach their students the skills fundamental to Aerial Arts

The Demand

The increased popularity of mainstream media, including Cirque Du Soleil and Dance Television has created a huge demand for Aerial Arts teachers in studio settings.  The fusion of dance, acrobatics and aerial in productions of today require artists to have proficiency in all areas.  This has caused some studio owners to hire unqualified instructors to fill the void in their students training.

The Aerial Arts Solution

The Aerial Arts program provides easy progressions for teachers to follow, taking the guess work out of offering Aerial Arts by providing step by step instructions for every level and apparatus.  Aerial Arts starts at the very beginning, teaching instructors everything they need to know about correct placement and technique so their students will have the building blocks to progress safely and quickly from one level to the next.  Aerial Arts Teacher Training and Certification courses provide extensive training in spotting and progression so the teachers feel confident, knowledgable and inspired to teach Aerial Arts.  Studios who continue with the Aerial Arts examinations for their students will have continuous support, with adjudicator meetings, feedback and suggestions to improve the students and their training annually.

The Benefits

Students who train through Aerial Arts have balanced development, strong, flexible and fearless.  Studios who implement this program will see students have more skills, fewer accidents and less likely to develop chronic injuries.


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