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Marco van Middelkoop

Born in 1963 as the second son of one of the pioneers of modern aerial photography in The Netherlands and founder of Aerophoto-Schiphol, Marco grew up with aviation and photography: at an age of 12 Marco already "worked" in the laboratory and office of Aerophoto-Schiphol during summer holidays. After finishing high school at the age of 16 he started to work as a student-laboratory worker in a photo-laboratory. After finishing his military duty in the Dutch air force he wanted to do something else and began to work as a barkeeper.

In 1988 he finally decided to work for Aerophoto-Schiphol, first as a laboratory worker and later as a student-photographer. In 1993 he became the photographer of Aerophoto-Schiphol, in the 10 years that followed, he has constantly been in pursuit of the best results in aerial photography.

Best result in a photo-contest: 2nd and 5th prize in a contest for professional photographers in The Netherlands in 1993.

Artist ??

Every photographer earning a living making aerial pictures is an artist, some of them create art, but its not to the artist to determine whether his work is art or not.


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